gold leaf Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is based on scientifically proven facts that our food provides us with everything we need to obtain and maintain an optimal state of health.

It is a holistic and natural healing approach to life based on the fact that our body knows how to heal itself, it just needs to be fed the right ingredients.

This functional medicinal approach establishes a therapeutic partnership between client and therapist, uncovering root causes of symptoms and treating the cause, not the symptom. This is determined by nutrition quality, exercise, sleep, exposure to toxins and levels of stress.

Many chronic health conditions today have come about are because we live sedentary and stressful lives with limited attention to the foods that we eat. The symptoms of these chronic conditions, such as; obesity, diabetes, digestive and auto-immune disorders, menopausal issues and mental health problems, can be significantly reduced with the right nutrition, preventing disease recurrence and promoting optimum health and wellbeing.