Wellbeing & Nature Coach

I am a certified and experienced coach, with additional training in counselling skills, ecotherapy, embodied practice and anxiety management.

My work focusses on supporting people to reconnect with themselves; so many of us are so busy ‘doing’ that we’ve lost that connection. Together, we create a sense of connection between your mind and body; you’ll feel more grounded and have a sense of trust in yourself.

My work has a strong nature-connection. We work with the cycles and changing energy of the natural world, as well as our internal cycles. Nature has played a strong role in my own mental health management, and my experience of expedition leadership as well as ecotherapy practice feeds into my coaching and facilitation work.

I work with adults, mostly women, and teenagers. Alongside coaching, years of working in teaching and volunteer management bring me a wealth of experience in working with young people.

Place your feet on the ground; your hand on your heart. Feel your breath. Let’s begin.