Mindset Coach

I am a certified, dedicated and enthusiastic Life and Weight coach who is intent on helping others grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. I use life changing tools to get clients new results in their lives where they challenge previous beliefs and move through the discomfort necessary for growth.

My belief is that all problems can be solved at the level of the mind. I empower clients in a safe and supportive environment, by providing them with tools to take control back over their lives and actions.

I have lived in 4 different countries and have a career in the health and wellbeing, and coaching industry spanning 16 years. I started my career as a Physical Education and Health Specialist where I was passionate on creating change to improve people’s health and resilience. I have since done self-development courses, such as the Myers Briggs, Landmark forum, as well as a certificate in mindfulness through the Monash University. I have a Bachelor of Education, a diploma in Teaching and certification through The Life Coach School.

My speciality is weight loss, sustaining weight loss, managing your emotions, relationships, business relationship coaching, goal accomplishment and dealing with confusion and decision making.

Taking action to change takes courage. Courage is an uncomfortable feeling. Discomfort is the price of growth. Commit to taking the first step and make contact today to set up a free 20 mini call to find out more and see if we are a good fit. Alternatively, if you are ‘all in’ click the box below to make your first appointment.