Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant

Yoga Teacher Training, Diploma in Mindfulness

My name is Nina Panesar-Woods I am an Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultant (DipALN Ayur), Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher. I started my career in Financial Services however the fast pace and stress began to take its toll on my health and wellbeing. I found it difficult to sleep, make good decisions, have healthy relationships. I lost connection with myself and the people I loved. Feeling anxious and stressed I turned to yoga, I always enjoyed movement and physical exercise and the whole philosophy of yoga sat well with me. I trained to become a Yoga Teacher and soon set up classes from home teaching 121. The meditation practices helped me to get through difficult times and came to me just at the right time. I completed an MBSR course and looked into Jon Kabat-Zinn’s books and course teaching simple evidence-based practices together compassion practices and completed a Compassion Mindfulness and Resilence course. Continuously reading, listening to podcasts and taking further workshops and courses in Mindfulness has allowed me to take this out to communities. Over the pandemic, I delivered short Mindfulness zoom workshops to 10-15 year after school teaching techniques and tools they can use during stressful, anxious times.

My father had always lived an Ayurvedic lifestyle which he built into his day to day living. I looked into Ayurvedic nutrition and became a consultant a few years ago as this is the sister science of yoga. An ancient Indian medical system that offers healing and how we can use the principles of nature to heal and lead a better lifestyle. I spend time with my clients getting to know their whole wellbeing lifestyle, we will go through and fill out a Dosha questionnaire and discuss nutrition. Going through details of daily living helping to bring balance emotionally and physically. It gives you a holistic approach to health and well being.

With all my experience and teaching I would like to take some of these practices into schools/universities where students can learn more about emotional intelligence and how Mindfulness can benefit them.