NLP Master & Nutritional Therapist

I graduated from Loughborough University with an MSc in Psychology and Physiology in 1990 and since then I have worked in the field of health and well-being. I am also a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a Nutritional Therapist and a biomechanics professional making custom moulded insoles. In my youth I was a national squad gymnast and an accomplished heptathlete, captaining Loughborough’s athletics team in my final year of university.

Having developed my skills in mental and physical health, in an initial drive to heal myself and close friends and family, I now use my knowledge and expertise to put my clients on the road to recovery. I feel that I am uniquely placed as a therapist as I can combine Nutritional Therapy and NLP, enabling me to be your Nutritional Therapist and Counsellor. I have worked with Lloyds Bank, the NHS and the MOD, but as well as large and small groups, I do love working with clients on an individual basis, developing bespoke lifestyle nutrition and mind-set programmes.

I am committed to my own Continued Professional Development. In fact there is nothing I enjoy more that getting into a good scientific book on the mental and physical well-being of human beings. We are such an interesting bunch! I also study research papers daily and attend regular meetings and conferences to keep ahead in the fields that I operate.