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NLP Practitioner & Kinesiology Instructor

I and a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and registered Touch for Health Kinesiologist and Kinesiology instructor. My practice blends traditional coaching and neuro linguistic programming with Kinesiology, mindfulness exercises and breath work. My approach to coaching is entirely bespoke to you. I work with each of my clients to select techniques and practices that resonate with them to create a tailored toolkit for reaching their personal goals and achieving optimum health.

I believe there is huge benefit to working on all elements of your health, as one. Now more than ever it’s crucially important that we’re looking after our whole selves and ensuring emotional, physical and nutritional health.

Energy balancing with Kinesiology is hugely beneficial for managing stress, building confidence getting yourself to a place of self-love. There are some great NLP techniques to help you break none resourceful behaviours and shift limiting beliefs. And all of this can be supported with structured goal setting and action plans to get you to your goals and achieve optimum health.

It would be my honour to support you on your journey to discover your World’s Best Self.