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In a report recently published by The Mental Health Foundation, it was found that roughly half a million people in the UK are suffering from work-related stress.


Within the UK, mental health problems in the workplace cost the economy approximately £70 billion annually. And 91 million workdays are lost in the UK due to symptoms of mental illness.

In another review on mental health and employers, researchers found that for every £1 business invest in mental health training programmes they can see a return of up to £10. 

The Global Benefits Attitudes study of 22,347 employees across 12 countries, including the UK and USA, clearly showed the destructive link between high levels of stress and reduced productivity.


“Work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain.”

- The NHS

This webinar has proved so popular we have decided to add it here so it can be accessed easily by anyone who needs some help in this complex and important area.

Mental Health Strategies For Business

Are you unsure how to put together an effective mental health and well-being strategy?

In businesses strategy and KPI’s are always key elements to any new projects and challenges, when looking at mental health and well-being in businesses this is no different.

There needs to be clear understanding, implementation and objectives with sufficient analytic data to insure effectiveness. In this webinar I take you step by step through the key things to think about and consider when putting together a mental health and well-being strategy for your business. The why’s, how’s and essential elements. We will also go through ways to ensure there is follow through and how to track effectiveness.

How do we help?

Our plans are expertly planned and expertly put in place by practitioners that have been working in this field for a long time. They are highly qualified and have years of experience dealing with stress and mental health issues in and out of the workplace.

Not only that but we provide fully comprehensive plans that cover all therapies available, teaching employees about all of the techniques how to access them safely should they need them and helpful skills to use in their daily lives to help with these problems. This way we give the knowledge (and power) back to the person. They will be fully equipped to know how to deal with mental health issues in a huge variety of ways should they ever need to.

As well as this extensive education our plans also include on-site classes and therapies when needed.

We have plans available for companies from 10-3000 people, so we have a system and price that is designed for the need and budgets in these companies. Please click on the contact link below to find out more information about the plan that is suitable for you and your employees.

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"Workplace stress has resulted in 7% of employees having suicidal thoughts, and a further 18% developing anxiety."

- The Mind Charity

How Melp can help your employees

There are a lot of different apps out there designed to help with mental health and stress in the workplace. There are a lot of different apps out there to support your mental health and wellbeing. Apps on mindfulness, apps on coaching, and apps on relaxation. There are so many choices that it’s almost overwhelming. This makes it difficult for employees to know what support there is, and how to access it – and for employers to decide the best way they should be looking after their employee’s mental health. Not only that, but most of these apps only focus on one issue at a time, and don’t have the expertise of pulling a variety of different therapy plans together – leaving you trying to cobble together a range of solutions to support your employees.

But what if you didn’t have to?

Melp is the app that brings all of those apps together, creating a one stop shop for all of your mental health support, while still avoiding the ‘one size fits all’ mentality. Instead of having 15 different apps to support your employees mental wellbeing, you have one – and each employee can use it in a way that best suits them.

Melp App

How Does Melp Work?

Once your business has signed up to the app, your employees will be able to download it. They can then use it in a couple of different ways.

If they know what problem they are trying to solve (for example, anxiety), then they can simply search for it, and Melp will show them a range of the therapies that can help them address that issue. They can then choose which they would like to try out and see which works best for them.

During the guided techniques a therapist will take them through using a tool, tip or technique that they use to help their own patients. For example, your employees might want to try meditation for anxiety, so they would choose a meditation video of a length that fits their schedule, and a therapist will talk them through a guided meditation session.

Similarly, if they were struggling with depression, or struggling for motivation, they could use the tools in the same way.

When the user has chosen their therapy, they will have access to videos, audio files and images that explain a tool or technique, or take them through a guided session in the way an in-person therapist would. Employees can dip in and out of the sessions any time and pick up right where they left off.

As a corporate customer, your employees will also enjoy a 15% discount on all therapies at our virtual and in-person clinics, should they choose to take their therapies further.

Request the Melp App Brochure for more information including prices etc.

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