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Reduce Stress in Employees
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How is stress affecting your
business and your employees?

In a report recently published by The Mental Health Foundation it was found that roughly half a million people in the UK are suffering from work-related stress.


For the first time, work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain.

In total, 15.4 million working days were lost in 2017/18 as a result of the condition, up from 12.5 million last year. This equates to 57.3 per cent of the 26.8 million work days lost to ill health according to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


reduce stress in employees

“Work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain.”

- The NHS

As with any mental health condition often people don’t like to admit they are suffering because of the stigma associated with it, especially in the work place. So the numbers could be much higher than recorded. Considering this, stress management may be business's most important challenge of the 21st century.

And with new Government statistics showing that Britain is doing much worse than previously thought on stress prevention in the workplace - compensation claims are soaring. It is this stress and the illness developed as a result of it that is, according to the CBI, estimated to be costing UK industry £12 billion each year.

The Global Benefits Attitudes study of 22,347 employees across 12 countries, including the UK and USA, clearly showed the destructive link between high levels of stress and reduced productivity.

"Promoting and maintaining health, safety and well being at work is not a fad – it makes sound business sense. I believe that employers that instigate change now will reap long term benefits for their productivity, their people and their community," said Patricia Hewitt Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

We can offer bespoke packages that are designed to fit the needs of your business starting from as low as £600*!

The packages can include a range of treatments, educational talks, active learning, and continued support. If you know what you want or need for your business then we can arrange that for you or if you would like advice we can offer you a guided option at no extra cost where one of our health and wellbeing experts will help you decide what is best to achieve your goals and put a plan together for you.

We will support you with tracking the impact of the program on your staff so we can ensure you are getting a valuable service, plus we will work with you to make changes where needed throughout the process.

*this is one educational talk/seminar lasting no more than ½ day or ½ day of mini treatments for your employees

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Holistic health talks

The Talks:

  •   Managing stress
  •   Managing anxiety & depression
  •   Mindfulness & meditation
  •   Yoga & breathwork
  •   How the brain works
  •   Exercise & stress relief
  •   Eating for wellbeing
  •   Planning your day - Including mindful breaks
  •   Using aromatherapy to combat stress
  •   Homeopathy for health & wellbeing

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