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Did you know that 14% of people will experience a mental health problem of some kind in the workplace each year?

That’s 1 in 6 people. And since that leads to an average of 12.7% of all sick days taken in the UK being attributed to mental health conditions (some of which employees won’t report to their managers), workplace mental health has now become a priority employers can’t afford to ignore.

At The Holistic Healthcare Group, we believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy, including employees and employers. But to be able to provide the kind of support that leads to a happy, thriving workforce, employers first need to understand how mental illness can impact their employees, what that looks like, and what tools are available to support them through the difficult times.

We’ve developed a range of services and resources to support businesses in creating an open, accepting and supportive workplace, so you can be one more supporting pillar in the struggle against mental illness. Our employee mental health services are designed to be bespoke to your business needs, so you can create a strategy that will work for you. Our services include:


“Work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain.”

- The NHS

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Workshops, Lunch & Learn

Educational, interactive and supportive workshops, offered as full day, half day or even lunchtime sessions. These workshops can be designed to cover particular issues you’re seeing problems with, teach coping strategies and support options, provide awareness of mental health warning signs, or provide general mental health education. All workshops can be delivered as online webinars, on-site training or even off-site by qualified mental health professionals, with optional follow-up support if it’s needed.
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121 Therapist Support

Providing a therapist who can deliver confidential therapies to your employees, either on-site or via online video chat. Providing this internal access minimises the impact on your business, but ensures your employees have regular access to therapies and support for any kind of mental health struggle. The type of therapy can be static, or it can be alternated to provide a variety of options for your employees, and can be delivered online or in-person to suit even the busiest schedules.
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"Workplace stress has resulted in 7% of employees having suicidal thoughts, and a further 18% developing anxiety."

- The Mind Charity

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Many workplaces try to provide mental health support to their employees. But not everyone can make the webinars or the workshops, which means there are always some people who miss out on that support. Not only that, but these workshops don’t provide the tailored, one on one support many employees need.

Our Melp App

Melp is the perfect tool to support your employee’s mental health in a bespoke way, and on their own terms.

The Melp app is like having a therapist in your business, and provides each user with access to a wide variety of mental health support options. From guided mediation exercises, instructional videos, technique videos and even access to coaches and therapists in-clinic. Each user can explore the therapies, which can be sorted by problem, method or general type, and experiment until they find what works for them. By providing MELP to your employees, you are giving them the tools to help themselves, and the ability to dop in and out of sessions at any time if they need support. Plus, as a corporate customer, your employees will get a 15% discount on all therapies at our virtual clinics, should they want them.

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Our mental health experts can help you understand the needs of your workplace, and design a tailored strategy to support your employees in a real and measurable way. We set KPI’s for the project, and ensure there is a clear understanding of the goals, an implementation plan that can achieve those results, and a way to measure implementation so you know what you’re doing is effective. Our strategists take you through the key things you need to think about in a wellbeing strategy, and guide you through putting them in place effectively.

This webinar has proved so popular we have decided to add it here so it can be accessed easily by anyone who needs some help in this complex and important area.
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We regularly provide a range of free resources, from blog posts, reports, e-magazines, research and informational brochures, all designed to educate you and your employees about mental health issues, how to spot the signs, and what support is available to them. Our resources are easily accessible, and can be placed in proximity to all employees, either in workspaces or sent directly via newsletters. This allows them to benefit from the information at their own pace, and gives them a valuable resource to refer back to if they are ever in crisis.


"Working conditions and environment can have a huge impact on mental health and, equally, someone's mental health can have a significant impact to perform well in their job. Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year."

- The Mental Health Foundation

Wellbeing Classes

Alongside other support, offering general wellbeing classes to employees can be a fantastic way to relieve work-related stress and improve general mental and physical health. These classes are usually low impact, and include activities like meditation, yoga or Pilates, so they can be done on-site or online with little to no disruption to your business. We can run these classes as a regular drop-in session virtually or in-person, or one-off sessions for your employees, to provide them with general wellbeing tools and techniques.

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Tracking & Mental Health Check-ins

To make sure your efforts are actually working, we also provide tracking and check-in services as part of our mental health strategies. Tracking is done using data from the MELP app (if your employees are using it), along with a range of surveys and trends. This gives us a range of both qualitative and quantitative data to analyse, which means we can provide realistic insights into your performance, and what areas you could be improving in. Our team can also do regular check-ins with employees, to offer extra support and get a gauge of how your support structure is performing.

Many workplaces try to provide mental health support to their employees, but big employee training days once a year just aren’t practical anymore. If you would like to know more about developing an ongoing mental health and wellbeing plan that’s tailored to your business, with 121 support for your employees, just get in touch with one of our experts today.


Request the Melp App Brochure for more information including prices etc.

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