Reiki Day

This event is for anyone who maybe wants to connect with the Reiki energy, maybe rekindle their Reiki connection or simply be with likeminded Reiki healers absorbing the healing energy. No matter what level you are attuned to, all are welcome!

Come and join me to immerse yourself in a day of Reiki. This will be an ‘organic day’ where we’ll ‘go with the flow’! We will start the day with a Reiki ceremony and other activities will follow including meditation, group distance healing, “project” healing, Reiki sharing, Reiki exercises which for some of you will be new to and others already practicing.

You will also get to make your own Reiki Aura Spray from essential oils which can be introduced to your Reiki practice or just as a treat for you with your self-treatments.

A light lunch will be provided and where appropriate flavoured with essential oils adding to the harmonising of our senses for this healing and nurturing day.

I look forward to sharing this very special day with those that join in.

Victoria x

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