Chakras & Essential Oils

This event is for those that are intrigued by the chakras. It is suitable for all, from novice to expert; experts will gain another dimension through nature’s own connection.

Join me to discover how to balance your chakras with essential oils as we focus on the seven main chakras (base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) with exercises to help choose the oils best for you at the time when tuning into your feelings and auric field.

You will make your own chakra balancing essential oil blend in a rollerball as well as receiving a bottle of Wild Orange essential oil (also known as “Happiness in a Bottle”) which helps to uplift and energise our spirit, let’s face it, we can all do with some of that at times!

Chakras are energy centres in the body which apart from having energy flowing through them, are directly linked to our mental, physical and spiritual attributes. When a chakra becomes blocked (“underactive”) or too open (“overactive”) our being as a whole isn’t balanced. When out of balance, this can potentially lead to illness and/or emotional blocks which can create an unhealthy environment. By understanding what each chakra represents and what you can do to keep this energy flowing freely, you can achieve an optimal quality of life for yourself and those around you.

Healthy nibbles/light refreshments flavoured with essential oils will be provided, along with herbal teas and mineral water.

Come and enjoy an easy going, relaxed time with like-minded people and explore your Chakra System.

Victoria x

“Held in your chakras is your history, the obstacles to your growth, your vulnerabilities to illnesses and your soul’s longing” – Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

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