Archangels & Essential Oils

This event is for anyone who is drawn to the angelic realm or anyone that’s intrigued by essential oils and additional ways of using them.

This workshop will show you how you can work with the Archangels and Essential Oils together.

By using the unique attributes of each we can boost health, wealth, and wholeness in all areas of our lives. Both can be used to address a myriad of issues and problems where each has their specific area they respond to.

This all makes for a powerful means of healing for body, mind and soul. By the end of the workshop you will:

· have learned of seven of the Archangels and their associated Essential Oils

· have embraced the Archangels through meditation

· have made your own Essential Oil blend to be used as a rollerball for your intended goal or choice of area to receive support

· feel confident in calling in and connecting with the Archangels

· feel confident in using your blend and making further blends for different areas of your life

The workshop price includes comprehensive handouts, meditation, your own personal Archangels blend chosen and created by you as well as an introduction to using essential oils.

You will also receive a bottle of Wild Orange essential oil (also known as “Happiness in a Bottle”) which helps to uplift and energise our spirit, the Angelic Realm love us to raise our vibration especially as it makes it easier for us to connect with them.

Healthy nibbles/light refreshments flavoured with essential oils will be provided, along with herbal teas and mineral water. All you need to bring is your beautiful self and an openness to connect with our amazing angelic support system!

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