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What’s The Difference Between Sports Massage And Holistic Massage?

Who doesn’t love a good massage? They are a great way to relax, relieve tension in your muscles and get you feeling good again. It’s also a great option if you’re in pain or suffering from a spasm or injury, as it can release a lot of tension and kick start a lot of your body’s natural healing processes. But when you look into massage, you’ll quickly find there are […]

5 Ways To Avoid Stress At Work

Stress is a word we all know well. We would be amazed if you’ve gotten this far in life without experiencing stress in some form, especially at work world. In the modern world it is very easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out, especially when work (where we spend most of our time) is the leading cause of stress. But stress can cause a lot of problems in your […]

Why You Need To Look After Your Liver

You only have one liver, and it’s important to know how to look after it. After all, it works very hard to keep you healthy and it can take a lot of abuse, but just like an elastic band, it can only stretch so far before it breaks. But what exactly does your liver do, why is it important, and what can you do to look after it? Why The […]

Archangels & Essential Oils

Many of us will feel a bit stuck in our life. When things are a struggle, and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many times we wish we had the strength within us to make positive change and improve our lives, but we can’t always find it within ourselves. Well, the good news is, you’re not alone! There is help out there […]

Human beings need other human beings…

At The Holistic Healthcare Group, we work with a lot of people who suffer from anxiety and depression and mood problems, and one of the significant factors in their condition is that they are spending too much time alone. Whether that’s working, isolating themselves or just forgetting to make time with other people, spending too much time alone can have a lot of negative impacts on our physical and mental […]

The Lowdown On Moxibustion

You might be looking at that title thinking ‘what on earth are they talking about?’ Don’t worry – you’re not alone! But moxibustion is a fantastic complimentary treatment for all sorts of issues, and is one we use all the time alongside acupuncture therapies, as the two go hand in hand. Want to know what all the fuss is about? Read on.     What Is Moxibustion? Moxibustion is a […]

A Guide To Achieving Your Goals (And Staying Motivated)

Did you start this year with lots of resolutions and good intentions? Lots of new things you wanted to do, things you wanted to achieve and places you wanted to go? How are those going for you now? Don’t worry if that question makes you feel a little uncomfortable. Most of us start a new year with lots of goals in mind, but when the usual routines of work and […]

Why Sleep Is So Good For You

We all know how refreshing a good sleep can be. We’ve all had those mornings when we wake up and feel ready to take on the day, mainly because we’ve slept well the night before. Sleep affects almost every single aspect of our lives, helping us feel more alert, relaxed and motivated. There is a lot of research linking mental health to good sleep patterns, and we all know how […]

What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is one of those things that a lot of people have heard about, but not many really understand. Unless you’ve had a hypnotherapy session yourself, it can be a little difficult to visualise exactly what happens, and what the outcome could possibly be. So today we want to take a deeper look into solution focussed hypnotherapy, and what it could mean for you.     What Is Hypnotherapy First […]

Are You Practising Mindful Movement?

The term mindfulness is thrown around a lot these days. It almost seems to be seen as the ‘cure-all’ for all the difficulties and ills in the modern world. And who knows, that may be true! The practise of mindfulness spans over so many areas of life that it could well be the missing link for personal happiness in modern humans. One area in which mindfulness plays a very important […]

A Beginners Guide To Chakras

The entire universe is made of energy – and your body is no exception. One way to think of the energy held within you is as ‘Chakras’ – the spinning wheels of energy that keep us all functioning properly. If you’ve never heard of the term before, you might think it all sounds rather mystical, and maybe a bit ‘new age-y’. But in reality, Chakras are just another way of […]