Suicide and Suicide Awareness

For many of us suicide is something we very much hope we will never have to think about or deal with. Unfortunately, however, the number of suicides which happen each year continues to increase and, hence, with this alarming statistic suicide awareness and its prevention is something we should all pay attention to. Suicide and Gender Statistically men are more likely to commit suicide than women. According to the Mental […]

Embracing technology for a more open mental health conversation

We’re told that talking about our thoughts and feelings can do wonders for dealing with mental health issues. But what if we don’t want to talk about it? Mental health globally has been getting worse and worse, year on year for well over a decade. And in this time, the methods we have used to try and solve this challenge haven’t changed much. This was a massive part of the […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Melp app

Here at The Holistic Healthcare Group, we have developed an app to support your mental health at the touch of a button. Our Melp app is user friendly and is designed to offer a wide range of mental health resources and educational tools. To give you a better insight in to what Melp could offer you, your staff and students, take a look through our frequently asked questions (FAQs). If […]

Friendship and Mental Health

Human beings are social beings. Having good friends and friendships groups is certainly important for our mental health, for a sense of belonging and for socialisation. However, is it absolute that friendships are always good for well-being? When are there times when a friend could be bad for our mental health? In this post, we explore the role of friendship and what to consider when it comes to your own […]

Men’s Health and Mental Health

The statistics prove that for some mental health problems, men are affected disproportionately more than women. The traditional, cultural and stereotypical views about masculinity and the characteristics of being male and ‘manly’ can be very damaging to mental health. In the blog, we explore the statistics for men’s mental health, discuss the stigma associated with mental health, try to shine a light on why men’s mental health matters and discuss […]

Coping with change

There are many different types of change. We are faced with having to change and adapt all of the time. Small changes can be easy to cope with, however, big transitions can be a lot harder. Changes can be seen as negative – forced or inflicted upon you, such as a death, a break up, a life-changing accident, the diagnosis of an illness or a redundancy. There can also be […]

Stress – The Gateway Drug To Mental Health Problems

You’ve heard the saying that marijuana is the gateway drug? That if you take it, you may be more likely to go on to other, harder drugs? It’s a bit of a nonsense saying, and now we have a lot more information we know that it isn’t 100% true. But the concept is interesting. Can exposure to one thing make you more susceptible to other, similar things? For example, stress. […]

Keeping Motivated At Work

Have you been feeling a little drained at work recently? Maybe you’re just a bit flat and you can’t find the enthusiasm you used to have. Or maybe your motivation has just disappeared, flown out of the window and hasn’t been seen since? Well the good news is, that’s completely normal! It’s called the ‘March slump’, and it happens to a lot of people! Once the excitement of Christmas and […]

What Not to Do When Planning a Mental Health Initiative

The Right Use of Surveys When I am talking about planning mental health strategies I often suggest talking to the employees and providing surveys. This works really well to give both quantitative and qualitative data to move forward with. My suggestion with this is to outsource these surveys and conversations as it will be difficult for your employees to be 100% honest if there is any thoughts that the information […]

Are You Lonely On Valentine’s Day?

The season of love is upon us, and the red hearts and cuddly teddy bears have already started filling up shop shelves. This means that already people all across the country are feeling the pressure, anticipation or even dread that comes every year with Valentines Day. It should come as no surprise, many of us struggle to live up to the ideals we see on TV, in advertising or on […]

Getting the right people in your business and keeping them!

Employee turnover and retainment is a hot topic at the moment, and with it becoming increasing tricky to find the right people for your business we were keen to partner with the expert HR talent business ‘Talent Group’. This is because we have seen the need to not only retain great employees but also to ensure the right employee is found for the business. I talk a lot about engagement […]

Understanding Addiction

Did you know that 1 in 3 people in the world have an addiction of some kind? It sounds scary, but it’s very, very true. Some of those addictions might not be too severe, or we may have been conditioned to see them as more socially acceptable – like smoking or drinking alcohol. But they are still addictions, and they can cause a lot of issues for you in terms […]

Is Goal Setting Good For Your Mental Health?

It’s a new year! And how many of you have already set yourself a new year’s resolution? When it comes to setting goals and making resolutions, we’ve all fallen into the trap before. We set a big, ethereal goal with no real idea of how to achieve it, and then we feel depressed when we don’t manage it. It’s one of the reasons New Year’s Resolutions are considered bad for […]

The Importance Of The Feelings Behind The Behaviour

When working with managers and teams it is often seen that the communication is failing because of the lack of understanding of not only others’ emotions but their own. On a busy working day, it is easy to get stressed, feel overwhelmed or frustrated. We all have these feelings, and we can all project them in a way that is not useful and will go on to create further ‘negative’ […]

Does Nutrition Impact Your Mental Health?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat?’ Turns out, it’s much more than just a phrase used by tired parents to try and get their kids to eat vegetables. The things we eat are literally the fuel for our bodies, and different things will make our bodies behave in different ways. That includes your mind. That might surprise you, but good nutrition isn’t just about losing […]

What Does a Holistic Mental Health Education Plan Look Like?

As mentioned in my previous blog ‘Why Holistic Mental Health In Your Business?’ holistic really is just looking at the whole challenge and the whole solution. So, when developing mental health plans for businesses working in this way means that we cover a lot and that your employees will be well informed about many research-based therapies and all common mental health challenges. The plan I have put together consists of […]

Why Holistic Mental Health In Your Business?

When I created The Holistic Healthcare Group the word ‘Holistic’ was nowhere near as ‘in’ as it is now but there was no other way I could accurately express what we do, so I stuck with it. The word holistic did to have lots of negative connotations and still does to some extent, it makes people think ethereal, airy-fairy and not grounded but actually what it does and has always […]

Team Engagement in Mental health and Well-being Initiatives

Engagement is typically the biggest challenge for businesses when looking at mental health and well-being training and support. This is a huge focus for me and HHG as the last thing I want is to provide training, education and support that people don’t engage with or participate in! To make a difference to the people in your business and the business itself you need to first ensure engagement is established. […]

What is Stress?

Stress is our body’s response to pressure. When we encounter stress, our body produces stress hormones that trigger a fight or flight response which helps us respond quickly to dangerous situations. Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with the event, situation, emotion or life happening. Stress is our body’s response to pressure, different situations or life events can cause stress. It is often triggered when we […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever noticed that people tend to feel a bit more glum at this time of year? It’s getting colder, wetter and darker, and the general mood just seems to dip a bit before the boost of Christmas? Maybe you’ve even felt that way yourself, or are feeling it now. Did you know that feeling has a name? It’s called seasonal affective disorder, and it affects almost every person […]