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Holistic director Sophie

Sophie Kirk

Company Director | Acupuncturist

My passion towards holistic health started in my early 20’s when I visited a Homeopath on the advice of a friend. I had recurrent tonsillitis and was sceptical, but the only other option was surgery. The Homeopath not only cured my Tonsillitis, but it has never come back since!

From that point I really started to look into a huge range of different therapies and eventually decided to train as an Acupuncturist. After completing my honours degree, I went straight into practice and gained experience treating a wide variety of people and conditions.

It was from my experience at this time that pushed me to open my first clinic and create the Holistic Healthcare Group.

To me it seems any non-western therapies are still not hugely known about or considered in this country when people want to treat their health concerns………. But why? They work very effectively (better, some might say) and there are plenty of expertly trained therapists to choose from.

Personally, I think that the way we practise needs to change. A lot of clinics are not professionally run and the quality of the therapists in terms of qualifications, governing boards and passion for their work is not checked. Yes! Sadly, this does happen and as a lot of the therapies are not government regulated it will continue to.

Also, therapists and practitioners in clinics are not respected for the amazing work they do! They are often expected to work in small spaces and without the equipment they need available. Would we treat our Drs like that? Many of these therapists have done just as much and often more training and continued training as a Dr to get where they are now and yet people do not realise this and often dismiss such ideas.

This is why I am passionate about creating a platform for therapists and practitioners. A company that wants to push them to show what they can do and clinics that value and respect them and their treatments. With over 90 expert practitioners on our books I think we can do great things as we all work together with the patients’ health at the centre of our attention at all times.

There are no egos and no one therapy is better than another. Different things work better for different people and conditions. It is our job to help and advise you along the journey to discover what will help you.


\ ˈwel-ˈbē-iŋ


noun: wellbeing

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

an improvement in the patient’s well-being

About the...

Holistic Health Care Group

The Holistic Healthcare Group is a holistic healthcare company with a difference!

We take pride in the fact that we only work with the very best quality of health practitioners and ones that are experts in their chosen field. We check the qualifications, insurances, governing bodies and interview all practitioners to make sure that not only are they well qualified they are also passionate about what they do and helping others.

We provide Holistic Healthcare in our clinics and we also deliver seminars, educational talks and treatments into company’s and schools.

We are passionate about bringing the use of Holistic healthcare into the lives of everyone in the UK and believe it is the alternative people need. Although traditional healthcare has its place, we believe that everyone should have the option of taking a different route! People deserve these options over taking medication and having operations that could be avoided and we want to deliver it to the very highest standard to ensure our vision or healthcare with a choice grows stronger year on year.

We also continually support our practitioners to do the best they can by providing support to grow their skills and helping them achieve their goals in any way we can. We want them to feel happy and fulfilled in their role so they will continue to be passionate about what they do and provide the best care possible.

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