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The Holistic Healthcare Group is a specialist mental healthcare company.

We take pride in the fact that we only work with the very best quality of mental health therapists and ones that are experts in their chosen field. We check the qualifications, insurances, governing bodies and interview all therapists to make sure that not only are they well qualified they are also passionate about what they do and helping others.

We provide mental health education and support in our clinics and we also deliver seminars, educational talks and therapies into company’s and schools.

We believe that the people in the UK (young and old) need better information, education and support with their mental health. They need to know how to understand their feelings and emotions, learn about all of the therapy options and be able to decide for themselves what works best for their mental and emotional healthcare.

Although traditional healthcare has its place, we believe that everyone should have the option of taking a different route! People deserve these options over taking medication and having operations that could be avoided and we want to deliver it to the very highest standard to ensure our vision of healthcare with a choice grows stronger year on year.

We also continually support our practitioners to do the best they can by providing support to grow their skills and helping them achieve their goals in any way we can. We want them to feel happy and fulfilled in their role so they will continue to be passionate about what they do and provide the best care possible.

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noun: wellbeing

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

an improvement in the patient’s well-being

Holistic director Sophie

Sophie Kirk

Director of The Holistic Healthcare Group

My name is Sophie Kirk, and I run the Holistic Healthcare Group.

I’ve been working as a therapist for nearly 5 years, specialising in supporting people’s health and wellbeing through alternative therapies. One of the areas I’m particularly passionate about is mental health issues and mental health care. In fact, I wrote my research dissertation on it at university, focussing on bipolar disorder and its impact. I’ve also used many therapies, including homoeopathy throughout my own life to help me work through my own emotional issues.

On the other side of the coin, I have a number of close friends and family members who have struggled with mental health issues, and who have managed it through other avenues - from endless anti-depressants to more alternative or holistic therapies. So you could say, I know and understand both sides of the healthcare world pretty well. That’s part of what drove me to try and bring holistic healthcare out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

My passion comes from understanding, assessing, treating and genuinely improving the lives of people suffering from mental health conditions. I also enjoy working with a group of amazing, hugely knowledgeable therapists who can do exactly the same thing. I’m not the kind of person who can sit back and watch people suffer when I know there is a solution.

That solution might look different for everyone, but by accepting and respecting the different skills and therapies out there, we can finally work in a way that fully supports the people of this country in achieving mental wellness and good health.

Why Not Western Medicine?

By my mid-twenties, I’d already become very disillusioned with the western healthcare system of the UK. It’s not that I don’t believe in it – it has a place and we very much need it, but the foundations of the system it’s been built on is a bit tricker to accept!

To clarify – I, along with my team of counsellors, osteopaths, homeopaths and more, are all medically trained. We are trained to look at the systems in the body and mind, to match symptom patterns into syndromes, create a diagnosis and treat the ailment using our specific type of medicine. In the western style, this is with medication and operations. For me, it’s acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle advice. For counsellors, it’s talking therapies and techniques to treat the brain. For osteopaths it’s massage and joint manipulation, and for homeopaths it’s natural, homeopathic medications. The only difference with these practitioners is the ‘tools’ they use to help. Each approach is looking to achieve the same outcome – you getting better. But the approach they use is different.

With western medicine, there is still a prevailing view that their way is the only way, and often doctors will actively discourage people from exploring holistic alternatives to invasive procedures or harsh medications. The focus is on a very scientific approach, research and definitive evidence in laboratory environments. This results in a system that is focussed on treating the symptom, and not looking at the body, mind and spirit as a whole to treat the root cause. Other practitioners may have the education, tools and skills to do this, but western medicine shuns this as an option.

What The Holistic Healthcare Group Stands For

That point is really where The Holistic Healthcare Group began. I wanted to change the way people look at their mental health. To make the voices of the other therapies heard, and show people that there is another way. That the current system might not be the only option, and providing a way to easily access the help they need, rather than suffering in silence with western treatments that may not actually help them at all.

My dream for The Holistic Healthcare Group is to not only have the great teams of professionals we have, but to make that resource accessible to everyone. To provide a comprehensive education around the issues of mental health to all children, so that THEY know how to manage their own mental health, and what options are available to them if they need extra help. With that support, we could create a generation of children growing and knowing how to help themselves without the first options being pills or surgery, prescribed after a 5-minute appointment by people who don’t really know them, or their problems.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We need to work hard with adults in companies and through local authorities to give them the education and support in this area that they have missed, teaching them now to help them untangle the mess that has been created by ‘the one size fits all’ approach we have been taking so far. Giving them back the power over their own mental health and teaching them to trust that, with education, they do have the ability to understand what they need to do to help themselves.

At The Holistic Healthcare Group, we are well on our way with this mission, and truly believe this can be a reality soon.