Suicide and Suicide Awareness

For many of us suicide is something we very much hope we will never have to think about or deal with. Unfortunately, however, the number of suicides which happen each year continues to increase and, hence, with this alarming statistic suicide awareness and its prevention is something we should all pay attention to. Suicide and Gender Statistically men are more likely to commit suicide than women. According to the Mental […]

Embracing technology for a more open mental health conversation

We’re told that talking about our thoughts and feelings can do wonders for dealing with mental health issues. But what if we don’t want to talk about it? Mental health globally has been getting worse and worse, year on year for well over a decade. And in this time, the methods we have used to try and solve this challenge haven’t changed much. This was a massive part of the […]

10 Frequently Asked Questions about the Melp app

Here at The Holistic Healthcare Group, we have developed an app to support your mental health at the touch of a button. Our Melp app is user friendly and is designed to offer a wide range of mental health resources and educational tools. To give you a better insight in to what Melp could offer you, your staff and students, take a look through our frequently asked questions (FAQs). If […]