What Not to Do When Planning a Mental Health Initiative

The Right Use of Surveys

When I am talking about planning mental health strategies I often suggest talking to the employees and providing surveys. This works really well to give both quantitative and qualitative data to move forward with.

My suggestion with this is to outsource these surveys and conversations as it will be difficult for your employees to be 100% honest if there is any thoughts that the information is not completely anonymous. 50% of employees with diagnosed mental health challenges don’t tell their employer, manager or teams about this so they most probably are not going to divulge low level challenges that they think are not affecting their work, but almost certainly are!

So this way of gaining information works for the details. The what’s and whys but not for other information gathering.

Don’t Ask For Permission!

Although survey’s are great and also conversations around mental health and well-being are equally great to have, the very worst thing you can do is ask your employees if they would like any training and support in this area. When I hear about companies doing this it is a real head in my hands moment, if they don’t want to talk about there challenges they also are not going to openly tell you to plan out there support!

And, in what other part of your business where training is needed would you ask them if they would like to do it?

By asking, the only ones that will come forward and say yes are the ones that are already comfortable in the mental health and well-being space, so only really helping the people that are probably ok at helping themselves anyway.

This will not change a thing!

The best way to approach this is like any other training, the CEO/MD/Senior levels decide to go ahead, reach out for external (qualified) support in this area and then work with them to create a plan for EVERYONE that will actually work. Leading the teams and employees to better mental health, well-being and life both at work and a home. Creating engaged, productive and happy employees.

Let’s stop tip toeing around this challenge and dive in to get the education and support to the people running your business!

If you need any support with structuring and delivering a successful mental health plan in your business get in touch – sophie@theholistichealthcaregroup.com