Keeping Motivated At Work

Have you been feeling a little drained at work recently? Maybe you’re just a bit flat and you can’t find the enthusiasm you used to have. Or maybe your motivation has just disappeared, flown out of the window and hasn’t been seen since? Well the good news is, that’s completely normal! It’s called the ‘March slump’, and it happens to a lot of people! Once the excitement of Christmas and […]

What Not to Do When Planning a Mental Health Initiative

The Right Use of Surveys When I am talking about planning mental health strategies I often suggest talking to the employees and providing surveys. This works really well to give both quantitative and qualitative data to move forward with. My suggestion with this is to outsource these surveys and conversations as it will be difficult for your employees to be 100% honest if there is any thoughts that the information […]

Are You Lonely On Valentine’s Day?

The season of love is upon us, and the red hearts and cuddly teddy bears have already started filling up shop shelves. This means that already people all across the country are feeling the pressure, anticipation or even dread that comes every year with Valentines Day. It should come as no surprise, many of us struggle to live up to the ideals we see on TV, in advertising or on […]

Getting the right people in your business and keeping them!

Employee turnover and retainment is a hot topic at the moment, and with it becoming increasing tricky to find the right people for your business we were keen to partner with the expert HR talent business ‘Talent Group’. This is because we have seen the need to not only retain great employees but also to ensure the right employee is found for the business. I talk a lot about engagement […]