The Importance Of The Feelings Behind The Behaviour

When working with managers and teams it is often seen that the communication is failing because of the lack of understanding of not only others’ emotions but their own. On a busy working day, it is easy to get stressed, feel overwhelmed or frustrated. We all have these feelings, and we can all project them in a way that is not useful and will go on to create further ‘negative’ feelings in others.

But what if we could learn to understand these feelings in ourselves and others better?

Well, this is what we often work on within businesses. But why? Well, if you can communicate from a place of understanding and empathy then people feel heard, cared for and want to help. So instead of ‘telling’ or ‘instructing’ you start to lead your teams.

Looking at yourself first is really important as by understanding yourself, your feelings, emotions and the behaviours they create you can start to build a foundation of knowledge to bring to situations where others might also be displaying these behaviours. They might have different feelings behind them, they might have the same as you, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know, understand and empathise with the fact that they are having a feeling or emotion that they are finding difficult to process and deal with which is why the behaviour is presenting.

By working with managers and teams to help them understand this, themselves and others better a working environment is created that is productive, proactive and functional without the unnecessary negative communications. This helps your managers not only understand themselves and others but also show caring, authenticity and vulnerability when needed to ensure better working relationships and ultimately better work.

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