Why Holistic Mental Health In Your Business?

When I created The Holistic Healthcare Group the word ‘Holistic’ was nowhere near as ‘in’ as it is now but there was no other way I could accurately express what we do, so I stuck with it. The word holistic did to have lots of negative connotations and still does to some extent, it makes people think ethereal, airy-fairy and not grounded but actually what it does and has always meant to me is whole….. looking at the whole challenge and the whole solution. I have often thought it should be holistic to help the word be understood better.

So, sticking with the name has turned out ok but I still feel there is some explaining to do for what this means in your business.

For over a decade now the mental health of the people in the UK has declined year on year. And year on year we have persevered with the same solutions, these being counselling or medication. And I am by no means saying that these options are not great for some people, they really are. For example, CBT counselling has been shown to improve symptoms in 47% of people and this is great. That is a lot of benefits but where we need to start looking is the 53% who are left without an alternative.

This is where we are missing the ‘whole’ solution.

Where most businesses offer trauma counselling or a type of counselling service these days it doesn’t solve the challenge we face. Part of the solution is accepting we are all different and will need different options when looking into our mental health support, we can’t keep relying on a ‘one size fits all approach. It has been proven to not work over the last decade, we need to start looking at other research-based therapy options.

This is why you need to start looking holistically at mental health in your business, to ensure help is provided in the right way for all, not just some. This way people will get the support they need, in the way they need it and become more engaged, productive and thrive in the workplace.

Our plans not only offer holistic therapy options but also education on therapy types to help people understand more about what might be the best route for them. To hear more about what effective, holistic mental health education looks like click here to access the next blog.

Or get in touch if you would like to talk more about how this might work in your organisation – sophie@theholistichealthcaregroup.com