What Does a Holistic Mental Health Education Plan Look Like?

As mentioned in my previous blog ‘Why Holistic Mental Health In Your Business?’ holistic really is just looking at the whole challenge and the whole solution. So, when developing mental health plans for businesses working in this way means that we cover a lot and that your employees will be well informed about many research-based therapies and all common mental health challenges.

The plan I have put together consists of 5 key training sessions which can be delivered to the whole company, or more commonly separate teams at different times. The plan follows our 3-month onboarding procedure which takes the whole company on a journey of engagement, so everyone is fired up and ready for the positive education and training they are going to receive.

With each training, the sessions are split into two sections. First of all, we will cover a ‘therapy type’. These are all research-based therapies and delivered by expert therapists that work in this field, we will take a look at the therapy; how it works, why it works, some science and research behind the therapy, what the sessions will look like, why you might access this therapy and what to expect. The aim is for your employees to have a basic knowledge of the therapy type so they can understand what it entails and why they might access it. This takes away ‘the fear’ which will help if the person ever needs support, to reach out easily and with confidence.

The second section will look at a specific everyday mental health challenge, to help your employees understand these feelings, emotions and when the right time to reach out is. The difference between a healthy emotion or feeling and one that is becoming a challenge. Here we also look at what processes can be put in place and also how and where to go for help if they need it, giving them a full understanding of the challenge and how they can help themselves.

What We Look At –

  • NLP, Stress and Overwhelm
  • Meditation/Mindfulness, Anxiety
  • Coaching, Emotions and Resilience
  • Counselling, Low Moods and Depression
  • Hypnotherapy, Fear and Panic

Our goal is always to prevent as many people as possible from reaching a crisis point by giving them great quality education, training and information on these topics and the power back over their own mental health now and in the future.

If you would like to talk more about how this training can help your teams get in touch – sophie@theholistichealthcaregroup.com