Team Engagement in Mental health and Well-being Initiatives

Engagement is typically the biggest challenge for businesses when looking at mental health and well-being training and support. This is a huge focus for me and HHG as the last thing I want is to provide training, education and support that people don’t engage with or participate in! To make a difference to the people in your business and the business itself you need to first ensure engagement is established.

Why do employees not engage?

  • They are ‘ok’ – Here the employee might be ‘ok’ and if that is the case the great. The message that needs to be understood here is that as much as life is great at the moment things can quickly change, we have all had ups and downs and it is likely there will be more of both. By training and implementing good mental health and well-being techniques now when something comes up they will be well equipped to face the challenge in the best possible way.
  • Not at Crisis point – There is of course the ‘I am ok’ people who are not ok, this is where the head is stuck firmly in the sand! Things are not yet at the point of disaster so they are happily ignoring what is going on. By using culture building techniques to engage these people there will be a lot of stress, unease and challenges avoided in the future.
  • They don’t see the point – This is common, it is partly not understanding or taking time to look at their why’s, and also a lot to do with not being lead in the correct way, there has not been time taken to help them understand the point. Sometimes they will need to be lead away from the fear of change, which is also often the real challenge here. Careful guidance, leadership and education is needed to show them why the change will be positive and not scary!

Think About Why?

Why is this important to the business? Why is it important to You? Why is it important to them? How will it benefit them, you and the business? How will it improve their lives personally and professionally?

Have you looked at these questions? Have you communicated your whys? Has the business owner and senior leadership communicated there’s?

If not, WHY?

If you really want engagement, better teams, increased productivity, less absenteeism and less recruitment cost then it needs to start with these questions to senior leadership….. after all, they are the leaders in this. If they don’t engage and make changes it is not likely many others will either.

Remember the messaging here will need to be carefully planned and considered, it will need to show authenticity, vulnerability (a careful amount) and cover the whys for the business owners and the employees.

Also……. Slow, steady and consistent. This is creating positive changes and it takes time. Lay good foundations, take your time to ensure everyone is onboard and then start the mental health training and support initiative.

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