Caring for Carers

71% of carers have poor physical or mental health. Carers UK’s annual survey (2015) with over 5,000 carers across the UK revealed that 84% of carers feel more stressed, 78% feel more anxious and 55% reported that they suffered from depression as a result of their caring role, which was higher than findings in 2014. The top reasons people choose to work in care are – Rewarding Flexible hours Training […]

Mental Health – Children and Young People

For over a decade now mental health in young people has taken a steady decline and with the events of the last 18months, that steady decline has seen a sharp fall. We know that – 75% of all MH disorders start before the age of 24, and 50% before 18? The most common form of death in children between 10-19 years old is suicide? A recent research piece from Mind […]

Creating Habits in Your Team – Proximity, Convenience and Visibility

Making new healthy habits is tough, there are a lot of challenges to overcome with how your brain thinks about these new ‘difficult’ things, a fear of failure and the absence of instant rewards. There are lots of techniques and brain hacks to use when setting new habits and it is key that they are incorporated and clear in any plan created to help your teams create these habits as […]

Toxic Masculinity And Its Impact on Men’s Mental Health

When it comes to men’s mental health, there are still a lot of barriers. Mainly, this idea that all men should be masculine or even hyper-masculine, showing all of the traditional characteristics for a man. Things like being assertive, powerful, in control and courageous. Which are all good qualities. But in some cases, the idea of masculinity can become amplified, and this is known as toxic masculinity. In our modern […]