Making Mental Health Fun!

Mental health is a hot topic, and a very serious topic which is why it is easy to get bogged down in the tough stuff but really, we need to start to have fun with this. Why? Well, to start with ask yourself….. Do you want to make improvements that are serious, dull or scary? No, of course not and it doesn’t need to be this way. Not only that but if something is perceived as ‘scary’, ‘hard’ or ‘negative’ your brain will do everything it can to avoid doing it, so even if you know it is ultimately good for you if you have these negative thoughts towards it your brain will see ‘danger’ and actively start ensuring you avoid that danger. This leads to a negative behaviour cycle the is not only self-defacing but also self-perpetuating.

Don’t forget when making this subject fun, positive and engaging to ensure the education, support and knowledge is still consistent. It is defiantly not going to help if the information is lacking just to create a positive environment. The key is to make the content engaging, motivating, and encouraging and to ensure the person providing the content has not only the knowledge and expertise but also passion, energy, and warmth.

When looking to make this subject fun we need to be clear that it is the preventative and mild end of mental health challenges we are dealing with in this way, if you are at the point of seeking therapy (or should be) it is no longer appropriate or helpful to deal with your mental health in this way. You won’t need to make it fun, there will be little other choice than to act! So, this is really to get people in your business engaged and enjoying the process to help them make positive changes in their lives.

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