Intention, Culture, Plan

This is the start, the very beginning of change and where the positivity starts to be created. Here there is lots of energy and positivity, a lot of ideas and lateral thinking. But how do you navigate the excitement to ensure the right plan is created, a plan and culture that will change the people involved for the better. That will provide them with knowledge, support and power over their […]

Why A Full Time Counsellor Might Not Be the Best Option for Your School?

Firstly, I want to be clear, I am not discouraging any type of mental health support you might be offering. All support is valid and necessary and having a counsellor in your school is a great step forward, after all only a few years ago this would not have been something that not so many offered. So, this is great progress BUT there needs to be more. Schools are under […]

Making Mental Health Fun!

Mental health is a hot topic, and a very serious topic which is why it is easy to get bogged down in the tough stuff but really, we need to start to have fun with this. Why? Well, to start with ask yourself….. Do you want to make improvements that are serious, dull or scary? No, of course not and it doesn’t need to be this way. Not only that […]

Why a Good Night’s Sleep is so Important.

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, and we have all experienced what it feels like after a bad night. And if I were to ask you why this is important you would probably say it is to recharge our batteries. But what does “recharging our batteries” actually mean? There are many reasons why we need to sleep, because if we don’t get enough it affects […]


Everyone feels emotions. Happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, nervousness – these are all emotions that tell us something about what’s going on, either in our body, our mind, or in the world around us. But while emotions are normal, they are something we have to learn how to interpret, understand and manage. A lot of this work is done in childhood, but even as adults we can come across new feelings […]

Help For Teachers to Lead

Teachers have had a tough year to say the very least, they have been unsung heroes throughout this and as a parent myself I know that without good, passionate teachers leading and inspiring the next generations things would be difficult to manage! Most parents felt this when home schooling over the last year I am sure. The trouble is as a group of people they care, that’s why they do […]

The flight/fight response explained

When you desperately exclaim “I feel so scared” you’re not overreacting to a situation or imagining something that isn’t there. Scared is exactly how you feel. The physical symptoms such as headaches and other aches and pains, nausea and an upset stomach can be unbearable, but you are even more likely to feel the emotional symptoms…being unable to relax and feeling a sense of dread, feeling tense or nervous and wanting to run away from […]


Frankly, you’re not human if you haven’t experienced a lack of motivation at some point in your life! Every time you’ve sat on the sofa and thought ‘I need to do X’, but not been able to summon up the energy to go and do it? Or even the ability to care about if it gets done? That’s a lack of motivation. And we know that the pandemic hasn’t helped […]

Self-Talk and Imposter Syndrome

What we say to ourselves and the beliefs we hold about our own abilities are often far worse than any feedback we may have been given by someone else. Many of us find ourselves dwelling for far too long when we’ve made a mistake or been given less than helpful feedback. This may result in us holding ourselves back and not making the most of opportunities that come our way. […]

The Three Tiers of Mental Health Actions in Businesses

When looking at improving the mental health and well-being of the employees in your business (if you are unsure why this is important click HERE to see out previous blog which will explain) a strategic, organised and knowledgeable approach needs to be taken. It is not just a case of hiring a counsellor and organising some Yoga sessions….. oh, and the dreaded emails reminding people to ‘have a break’ or […]