What Is a Multi-Modality Mental Health Company And Why It Is Important To Work This Way?

This means that we work with multiple therapy types and therapists that can offer a huge range of different services and knowledge. Not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

When I was in private practise after coming out of Uni I very quickly realised the need for options when it comes to therapies and mental health, with the best will and expertise in the world there is still never going to be one therapy option that is going to help 100% of people. We are all different and the way we approach our health and mental health will also be different, therefore when I opened our clinic, I opened it a multi-modality clinic and then every development in the business since then has been done in the same way…… Holistically.

Let’s take a look at 3 therapy types (there are far too many for one blog so we will just look at these for now) and start to understand the statistical evidence to support this.

Counselling – A study that evaluated data from UK counselling services found that in a sample of 26,527 people with depression, 53% did not make any reliable and clinically significant improvement in their symptoms after receiving a course of counselling. This might seem negative but in reality 47% did improve which is great, so counselling is working for some people, but not all. This goes some way to understand where things are going wrong with mental health in the UK as often counselling is the only service offered. What do the remaining 53% do?

Meditation – Bupa’s Global research shows over a quarter (26%) of UK adults have used meditation as a therapy. Again, fantastic that this amazing tool is helping all these people.  

Hypnotherapy – It has been found that hypnotherapy had a massive 93% success rate after only 6 sessions- https://hypnotherapy-now.co.uk/news/research/hypnosis-better-success-rate-type-therapy/

Wow, what a fantastic success rate. It does bring up the question, why is Hypnotherapy not offered more? Well, because people don’t know or understand it. Personally, I have used hypnotherapy in the past and have found it has worked brilliantly to.

Some things to consider here when you are looking at how you might want to improve your own mental health, that of your employees or pupils. At The Holistic Healthcare Group we have and will continue to provide a wide variety of therapies because we know that everyone needs an option that suites them. If you want to find out more about how we incorporate this into education, prevention and support plans for businesses and schools get in touch – sophie@theholistichealthcaregroup.com

Or if you would like to talk with one of our therapists’ book here – https://theholistichealthcaregroup.com/virtual-clinic/

More research on the therapies we offer here – https://theholistichealthcaregroup.com/melp-research-links/