5 Top Tips To Help You Engage Your Employees In Mental Health And Well-Being Initiatives

Employee engagement, what a subject! Like all businesses, when offering something new to our clients we need to be able to navigate the area of engagement. Luckily, I know a little bit about human behaviour and business, so I have so far successfully managed great engagement with all the businesses we work with. These processes have taken some time to nail down and do differ slightly with different industry types, […]

Stress and Overwhelm

Do you often feel stressed or overwhelmed by daily life? Are you finding everyday decisions a struggle, and getting frustrated very easily? You may be struggling with stress or overwhelm. What is Stress & Overwhelm? While we might think that feeling stressed and feeling overwhelmed are the same thing, the truth is they are very different, and often occur together, one after the other. If we were to define it: […]

Creating Change In Construction

The construction industry has the highest number of suicides in the UK over any other industry, and over three times the national average. Despite this a recent survey said 60% of people in the construction industry agreed or strongly agreed that there was not enough awareness about mental health in the industry and the survey results also show that 78.3 per cent of respondents believe a stigma still exists despite […]

How Do You Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever excitedly set a goal and gone into the challenge whole heartedly only to fall short or lose motivation and give up? Don’t worry, most (if not all) of us have! Creating new habits, staying motivated and achieving goals is not always easy. If this sounds familiar, then it might be time to start again, and we have some solution focused tips to help you stay focused, motivated […]

Teachers in the Transition From Zoom to Face to Face

Did you know that 84% of teachers experience mental health issues? Everything from stress and anxiety to depression, the mental health struggles of the teaching profession are at their highest ever. And that was before we were hit by a global pandemic that fundamentally changed how their jobs worked! The latest data shows that at the tail end of 2020 there was a 350% increase in mental health support requests […]