Employee Mental Health During Covid-19

As lockdown enters its 7th week, a lot of people are starting to feel the strain. Human beings aren’t mean to exist in isolation, or to be confined indoors. And as time goes on, a lot of mental health issues are starting to set in. Anxiety, depression and stress have gone from low to sky high, and most people are starting to struggle now. For employers this presents a challenge – how do you take care of your employees and make sure they are as happy and health as possible when you can’t see them, can’t interact personally, and are limited in what support you can provide? At The Holistic Healthcare Group we have been working around the clock to create a safety net for mental health, and we want to help HR managers and employers understand what they can do to support employee mental health during the most challenging period in living memory.

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Recognise The Problems

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the current situation is pretty tough. All of us are struggling in our own way, but the only way we will get through it is together. When it comes to work, a little understanding from an employer can go a long way. Isolation, anxiety, stress, struggling with a new work-life balance are all weighing on your employee’s minds. But if you as an employer openly recognise the issues facing your employees, are willing to exercise some understanding and show some compassion, you might just reduce some of that stress. So on top of your normal work chats, try to take the time to have regular mental health check ins with anyone who might need them. Encourage employees to stay active, to communicate with people regularly and to seek support whenever they need it. But most importantly, be open in your recognition of the mental health issues at play and your support in getting through them. It sounds like a small thing, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Try To Minimise Remote Burnout

Unless you’re used to working from home, it can be an exhausting thing – almost more than working from an office! So where you can, support your employees to make sure they aren’t overexerting themselves. Burnout is a very real thing when working from home, but you can prevent it if you’re a little proactive. Creating a set of official company guidelines for working from home, including designated working hours, scheduled breaks and allowing the use of flexi-time so that workers can adjust to their new working environment. Don’t enforce the myth that working from home means working all the time – instead allow some flexibility. Particularly when it comes to working around other family members that may also be working from home, or children who need homeschooling. It’s a whole new juggling act, for everyone, and some empathy along with official company guidance can go a long way.

Provide Resources

Supporting the mental health of your employees can come in a lot of different forms, but the truth is that everyone will be handling this differently. So instead of trying to make one solution fit everyone, try offering support and resources that can be tailored to suit their needs and preferences. For example, the Holistic Healthcare Group is providing a wide range of online services, classes and sessions designed to help support mental heath and wellbeing during the lockdown, from yoga and mindfulness to online counselling and hypnotherapy. By giving your employees access to a wide range of resources like this you empower them to choose their own methods for coping, and treatment is more likely to be successful. It’s never been easier to give your employees the support they need to succeed. You can find out more about our online corporate support packages by dropping us an email or giving us a call.

At The Holistic Healthcare Group, we understand how tough this time is for business owners – being business owners ourselves! We’re currently working with a lot of HR managers on tailored mental health support for their employees, ensuring the workforce is well taken care of, happy and performing at their best. If you’re struggling with how to support your employee’s mental health during the pandemic, we would love to help. Just get in touch with us today for your free consultation, or check out some of the resources we’re offering online here.