Supporting Your Employees During Covid-19

If you’re a business owner right now, you’re probably more than a little worried. Unless you’re in a ‘key’ sector, then you have likely sent your workforce home, creating a huge overhaul in the way you work and how you interact. Meetings have moved to video calls, and all of a sudden everyone is trying to juggle work, family, exercise and mental health. Because let’s be honest, everyone is feeling anxious at the moment.

What your employees (and you) need now is support. Support from their employer in managing the change, finding a new routine and balance, and navigating through an unprecedented time in a healthy and productive way. A helping hand in balancing everything they need to focus on, making the adjustment as smooth as possible. At The Holistic Healthcare Group we understand the challenges, because we’ve been going through exactly the same thing. And since we first heard lockdown was on the cards, we’ve been developing a way to take our business completely digital, and developed some new resources to help you and your employees get through this pandemic happy and healthy, so that you can get back on your feet right away when it’s over.

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Something For Your Body

There have been a lot of articles popping up over the last week or so about how to strengthen your immune system, so that you can reduce your risk of catching Covid-19, or at least improve your chances of fighting it off. One of the big things that’s recommended is regular exercise. There are a couple of reasons the government has focussed so much on allowing people out during lockdown to exercise, and why it keeps issuing guidelines around exercise – it’s important. Studies have shown that ‘fit individuals’ (defined as those who partake in regular physical activity) have a lower incidence of infection compared to sedentary individuals. This is because physical activity helps flush bacteria out of your lungs, reduces your levels of stress hormones (which protects you against illness), and boosts production of endorphins and other positive chemicals. Exercise is also great for your mental health, which is just as important to take care of during these trying times, and means your employees will be in a much better position to do great work. So, you should be encouraging your employees to exercise a little bit every day, and allowing time time and resource to do so.

At The Holistic Healthcare Group we’ve put together a resource library of fitness classes and webinars that can be done from the comfort of your living room, and at a low cost to your business. This includes yoga, Pilates, bodyweight exercises, HITT classes and more. There are also classes around pain management and desk adjustment at home, which can be incredibly useful for people not used to home working. Each class costs as little as £3.82 per session, and are done through our virtual meeting software. Use these to give your employees a chance to take a break, get some exercise and keep the balance in their lives during this difficult time.

Something For The Kids

A lot of your employees will probably have children. And while normally those children would be in school all day, now they are at home and struggling to find their own balance when they don’t really understand what’s going on in the world. Trying to balance entertaining or teaching their children and doing their normal work is proving a challenge for them. We don’t need to check on this one – we know how difficult it is from experience! But by providing some classes and online sessions for children (and the parents of those children), we hope to help your employees find that balance between work and childcare, improve their relationship with their children and enrich all of their lives at the same time.

Our range of online classes for children is varied, designed to provide a balance of education, fun and mindfulness. Class options include:

  • Learn channel stroking to help children calm and sleep
  • Creating healthy meal plans
  • Aromatherapy to aid sleep
  • Cooking with children
  • Storytime with Rachel
  • Creating routines that work (very important at the moment!)
  • Crafts for children
  • Children’s meditation and mindfulness

And more. Our online classes are open to anyone, and by offering these options to your employees you can showcase your support, and help them make the best of the current situation.

Something For Your Mind

It’s not really surprising that anxiety levels have skyrocketed over the past few weeks – even for those who never suffered from it before. We are living in an incredibly uncertain time, with a lot of fear flying around and building every day. These are not the best conditions to live under, and many people will struggle to produce their best work, or focus at all, with this sort of thing hanging over their head all the time. But as a business owner, you need good work from your employees. And the best way to get that right now is by offering some mental health support.

We are currently running free mental health webinars every Tuesday between 8 and 9am, and Thursdays between 1.30 and 2.30pm. These webinars are designed to give you an overview of what we can offer in terms of support, and why you need to be taking care of your mental health during this difficult time. We are also offering individual sessions of all of our normal therapies – including counselling, meditation, stress management, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and more. Plus our exercise classes are great for reducing stress and helping manage anxiety!

At The Holistic Healthcare Group we are here to support you as a business owner, and help you support your employees as we all work through this lockdown together. It’s likely there is still a long way to go, so finding a way to cope with the new normal is important for everyone. If you would like to know more, you can view our classes and webinars here, or give us a call to discuss your individual needs.