Mental Health In The Construction Industry

You might not think it, but one of the worst industries to be in when it comes to mental health is the construction industry. Despite all the stereotypes that might whizz around your head when we say ‘construction worker’, they are some of UK’s least supported workers, despite us relying on them to put rooves over our heads. Statistically one of the worst in terms of workers suffering from mental […]

Meditation Instead Of Detention – Why Children Need Reflection

In schools all over the country, children who misbehave are faced with the same punishment as generations before them – detention, exclusion, isolation, suspension. Whatever you call it – it’s a staple of the school system both nationally and internationally, and has been for years. True, it is softer than the older methods of corporal punishment, but the theory behind doling out detentions hasn’t changed in decades. The sole aim […]