What Is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is one of those things that a lot of people have heard about, but not many really understand. Unless you’ve had a hypnotherapy session yourself, it can be a little difficult to visualise exactly what happens, and what the outcome could possibly be. So today we want to take a deeper look into solution focussed hypnotherapy, and what it could mean for you.

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What Is Hypnotherapy

First off, what is hypnotherapy? By definition, it’s a type of alternative, holistic treatment that uses hypnosis to try to treat conditions or change habits. It can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, substance abuse, addiction, sexual dysfunction, undesirable spontaneous behaviours and bad habits. Hypnosis will work well for you if you want it to, but people who don’t want to be hypnotised will rarely see any benefits. Your therapist will work with you to discover your problems and decide a solution that works for you, before using hypnotherapy to help achieve those goals.

It’s About Finding Solutions Together

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a little different to traditional hypnotherapy in a few ways. The main change is that solution focussed is a collaborative process designed to reduce anxiety, calm the mind and support you through the challenges you might be facing. Our practitioners use a powerful combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis to help clients make changes in a relatively short period of time.

It’s also about looking forward, not back. Rather than dwelling on the problems that caused you to seek help, we focus on the present and the future in a positive way, rewiring your brain to build new healthy patterns of behaviour. This breaks the negative-thinking cycle and allows you to make real, positive change in your life.

So What Happens In A Hypnotherapy Session?

We know hypnotherapy can seem a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. So rather than letting you go into the unknown, we wanted to share what happens in the average hypnotherapy session. Don’t forget that sessions are tailored to you, so each session is slightly different.

Generally each hypnotherapy session is about far more than just hypnosis. We will begin by exploring the positive things that have happened over the last week with you. This establishes positive thought patterns, which help you cope with life in between sessions. During this part of the session we’ll explore how these positive things make you feel, and help you visualise the next small steps towards your goals. All of this uses the ‘intellectual brain’, located in your left prefrontal cortex. When we think using this part of our brain we are being logical, making proper assessments of situations in life. We will then consolidate the session with hypnosis. In this stage, we guide you into a state of focused attention and deep relaxation that we call a trance.

You’ll be happy to know that it’s a complete misconception that hypnosis will wipe your mind and make you say or do things against your will. In reality you will be in control the whole time. In fact, everyone enters this kind of trance several times a day, usually when we’re focussed on a task at hand, reading a book or watching a really good programme. You know that feeling when you lose track of time when you’re doing something? That’s a hypnotic trance.

In this state, your brain is more responsive to suggestions that are designed to be beneficial and help change unhelpful thought patterns. This means that new ideas and approaches can be considered through the subconscious – the part of our brain that drives our responses and cause our reactions. Hypnosis can help you calmly look and think about those natural responses, and decide which are needed and which are unwanted. Often you will need several sessions to really cement these changes in place, but because it’s a brief therapy, for some change can happen in a relatively short period of time.

It really is fantastic to see the positive changes clients can experience through solutions focussed hypnotherapy. Because it’s a collaborative, supportive approach, the uplifting method of treatment works well for a wide range of psychological issues. More than that, it gives you the tools you need for lasting change outside the therapy room. Want to know more? Get in touch with us today.